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Three non-negotiable rules
when working for Amotek

When it comes to company culture, we’d say we’re a bunch of different kinds of IT freaks – really really driven ones. And although we all have our own characters and personalities, there are three non-negotiable rules when you start working at Amotek.

Have fun

If technology does not sound like fun to you, you’ve probably just not encountered the right kind. Technology IS fun and makes sure other people can have fun too. You can compare our daily interests to a children’s playground, but with techtoys for grown-ups. Such a fun thing to do. Did we just mention fun too many times? It’s fun. Working here is too.

Have impact

Society is rapidly changing and we have technology to thank for that. Think about it: how has the world changed since you were born? Isn’t it technology that made that all happen? We had our first cellphones when we were teenagers. The teens now would laugh at us if they could have seen us play Snake like madmen. They probably have a smartphone since they were ten, playing FIFA online. And that is just one tiny aspect that has evolved in tech.

Technology has an impact on every human being. It’s our job to make the right one, and we are very serious about that. We come to work every day to be able to have an impact: on ourselves, on our colleagues, on our clients and their businesses. It makes the day worthwhile.

Be smart

At Amotek, everyone plays their part in our company’s general knowledge. We’re all building and sharing our know-how with each other. That might sound a bit like this: “I just read a great book about thought leadership – you should read it too. Or wait, I’ll tell you all about it right know.” or “I went to this inspirational session last Monday. We should definitely get in touch with this guy.” This way, everyone gets the chance to learn, grow and better their selves.  This will benefit ourselves, our colleagues and of course our clients too.

Secondly, we love hearing creative and innovative ideas. It’s what makes us get up in the morning. When a start-up pitches their dream and it has that Amotek-vibe, nothing can stop us. Working with start-ups to make their dreams come true, is not only a lot of fun (see first title) but co-working means getting smarter too. Win-win!

Fourth rule

So the title speaks about three rules, but there’s absolutely a fourth: “deliver top-notch services”. When we have fun at work, playing at our own playground, our clients will notice happy Amotekkies. When we want to make impact, our clients will definitely see the difference in their digital projects. And when we’re smart and have the will to become smarter, our clients will encounter some driven IT-specialists who will want the absolute best of the best. These three rules combined are obviously leading to the fourth, because if we follow them, our clients will get a top-notch service.