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We Fynd

We fynd is a platform that connects young graduates and interns with companies.

"We discover the talents for the challenges of tomorrow."

We fynd designed an innovative and automated platform to connect young graduates and interns with companies seeking the best suited employees. The core of their platform is a unique algorithm that analyses the candidates and companies. Based on several criteria – s.a. experience, hard skills, soft skills and the company’s work values – matches are formed. The benefits of using this system is to save time and money for the company at one end and to make the search for a job as smooth as possible for the candidates at the other end.

AMOTEK technologies invested in We fynd since we believe that the war for talent is only getting started.

We are convinced that employees are the most valuable assets of a company. For us, an employer, it is important that employees feel good on the workfloor. That’s why we love the fact that their algorithm goes beyond the hard skills  and also looks at the candidates’ ambitious and personal characteristics. We are delighted to announce the collaboration between AMOTEK Technologies and We fynd! We will support We fynd by providing general business advice and development services.