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Dalta is a digital data studio that builds reliable digital platforms, connected experiences and actionable insights using open source technology.

Dalta offers 4 kinds of solutions
to optimise client's data

Data aggregation

Data is aggregated from different sources. Dalta’s team processes and stores customers data for further usage. Ideal for next level digitization on top of existing ERP or software solutions.

Web application development

Dalta builds custom web applications and client portals to enable further digital maturity for their clients.

Automation & AI readiness

They configure triggers and build automation journeys on top of customers data. The ideal input for further digital automation.

Dashboards & intelligence

Dalta provides their clients readable and clears dashboards of customers data.

We invested in dalta because we are convinced that the importance of data will keep on growing.

Our joint-venture will focus on the growth of dalta. We provide them with our expertise regarding up-scaling, implementation of IT solutions and general business advice. We truly believe in dalta’s team and the potential of this company.